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Tour guide Favignana

Looking for a great adventure around Sicily? Head off to the island of Favignana – it’s got all that you need for a short trip! Favignana island has all that you need to spice up your adventurous spirit –  like hiking, sailing, snorkeling, biking, fishing, culture...

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Tour guide Lampedusa

Lampedusa is one of the most beautiful islands of Sicily and its beaches are classified among the best in the world. It belongs to the Pelagie archipelago together with Linosa and Lampione. The beaches with white sand remind those of Maldives Islands and its waters...

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Tour guide Lipari

Looking for the right tour guide in Lipari? Don’t worry – we can help! We will help you explore Sicily like you never thought. Whether it is diving that you are looking at or sailing - Sicily has everything to offer. The small islands on Sicily like Lipari - part of...

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Tour guide Egadi

Lying in the West Coast of Sicily, the Egadi islands have a lot to offer – and not just because you will fall in love with it. It’s because you could do anything from renting a boat to hiking there, eat traditional seafood or explore prehistorical caves, snorkeling...

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Tour guide Pantelleria

Pantelleria island in Sicily is a really particular place. Is a volcanic island and is the biggest between the islands and islets that surround Sicily, in the mediterranean sea. The island has different microclimate thanks to the structure that goes from 0 to more...

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Egadi Islands: what to see

Do you wish to spend your holiday in the hearts of eternal nature, bordered by scenic mountains and landscapes, with luxuriant Blue Ocean encircled by glazy sands? To put in, if you want to experience paradise on the earth to meet up divine pleasure and isolation? If...

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Trolling Live Bait

Stress is part and parcel of life which is why one needs a way to relieve the pressure or otherwise go into depression. That is why taking a vacation is so important to ensure constant productivity of an individual. Visiting Sicily and its islands can prove to be a...

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Fishing in Sicily

If you live or have been to Italy and you have not been to Sicily, you have not yet been to Italy at all. Sicily is the bigger island of Italy. Sicily is tantamount to fishing as it has clear waters and variety of fish species being the largest Island in the...

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