About Us

WildSicily.com offers unique and designed adventures in Sicily.

Founded in 2014, aiming to share with discovery-minded travelers, Andrea Giardina’s journeys “off the beaten tracks” of Sicily.

In 2017, Andrea overcame the national exams to become a Certified Tour guide to officially blend the huge amount of history and Sicilian heritage together with action and experiential tours.

Over the last 15 years, Andrea and his small team, deeply traveled all over Sicily, the surrounding islets and archipelagos to uncover authentic adventures and local exclusive experiences.

Water and fire are key elements in Sicily. Snorkeling and hiking volcanoes are in the team lifestyle since childhood. A huge passion turned into a beautiful job.

The knowledge about finding Octopus in Sicily while snorkeling is a tradition in Andrea’s family passed on from generations. Now, this particular technique is featured in documentaries and TV series about Sicily, worldwide.

When not in the water, we are on the Volcano Etna. Our favorite activity is to explore unknown trails and build new ones. The Etna is huge and always changing (while writing this text Etna is erupting!), and is still possible to try the pioneering feelings. We combine new itineraries with “must” hotspots and the best time to guide our guests.


Foundation of Expertise

We believe that traveling is ignited by the passion for embracing new things and taking chances. It’s about exploring the unknown and discovering less traveled routes that fuel the imagination. We live for adventure and savor the rush of adrenaline. Expertise is vital to achieving these things safely and efficiently.

Every experience or multi-day tour we operate on WildSicily.com ensures that you’ll go exploring with a certified expert guide who knows the destination inside and out. They are all native explorers who know the history of the area by heart and privy to the top-notch adventures and stories that never fail to fascinate adventure seekers.

Transcending Expectations

Delivering a good customer experience is what WildSicily.com lives for. That’s why we take the extra mile by adding a personal touch to all our interactions. We appreciate the “must-see places” but understand that real emotions are best derived from exploring off-beaten paths that tickle the curiosity and sparks the imagination. We beat the norm and go beyond expectations by taking a look behind-the-scenes of authentic places. The stories we share have deep roots which you won’t find in typical travel books or social media.


We know that traveling to an unknown destination can be overwhelming but don’t worry because our team is with you all the way. We put our heart into providing a positive experience by offering direct customer service starting from the planning phase. Our team and sometimes the guides themselves are always ready to answer all your travel-related queries and make sure your vacation stays on track.

Working Hand-in-hand With Nature

We love sustainable travel that’s why we make it our duty to take great care of every destination. Our team is strongly committed to the “Leave No Trace” principles which we share with all clients. We believe that by teaching and inspiring people to enjoy nature responsibly, we can make big changes.

Making Every Second Count

We understand that time is valuable and precious that’s why we want you to enjoy every moment of your vacation. Whether you’re off on a short trip or going on a multi-day adventure, our goal is to make every second of it count. Each guided tour features superlative balanced itineraries to give you a rewarding and most memorable experience.

Sharing Our Love For Adventure

With over 12 years of experience in adventure travel, we learned that the heart of every journey relies on memorable moments: when you play with an octopus or assist to a lava explosion during a hike to the world’s most active Volcano. Go ahead and begin the adventure of a lifetime and create WOW moments.

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