Sicily itinerary: which part of sicily to visit

Sicily is situated in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea and is an abode to Mount Etna – one the highest active volcanoes in Europe. Sicily is amongst the world’s most toured destinations. The Isle is a melting pot of various cultures formed over several thousands of years. From picturesque landscapes to UNESCO World Heritage Sites to centuries-old churches and from dazzling villas to magnificent seashores in Sicily, the Isle is Europe’s true gem. When touring Sicily for the first time, you may require streamlining your itinerary to guarantee that you get to enjoy the allures that best fit your desires. There are innumerable ways to travel around this beautiful island; however, the following sites are highly suggested for first-time callers.

Aeolian Islands

These pleasant isles are especially appealing in the warmer months, however, expect crowds during August. Ferry services (from Milazzo on the coast of Sicily) are at times cancelled in winter for a few days owing to unfriendly weather. If not, the beaches are incomparable and the cuisine incredible – particularly, as you would imagine of seafood.

aeolian islands
mount etna

Mount Etna

This volcanic mountain is Europe’s greatest natural wonder of myth and legend. Take a jeep tour to the higher regions, which are snow covered for approximately four months in a year. Dress warmly during summer as it is always chilly at the summit. Mount Etna is the highest mountain in Sicily with approximately 3350 meters.

Palermo Tours

As Sicily’s capital and biggest city, Palermo is possibly comparable to a rough and uncut gemstone. Its attractiveness has to be revealed via cautious discovery. Palermo is a bustling city which is chaotic and dusty yet attractive. The notable atmosphere of this former imperial capital of emirs and kings is largely decorated with some spectacular pieces of ancient architecture. There are several castles and monasteries and a splendid cathedral, in addition to art galleries and a great archaeological museum. Palermo is an appropriate Sicilian “base” for day trips to Erice, Cefalù and Agrigento the wine region.

palermo tours
Norman's Architecture

Piazza Armerina

This Roman villa on the town’s outskirts possesses the most extensive mosaic pathways of the primordial Roman world, lined with pictures of flora and fauna, rural scenes and traditional ornamentations. Most of the Piazza Armerina is in excellent condition, appearing as if it were finished yesterday. The building was once the residence of a wealthy Roman who appreciated art.

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