Awesome Places to Live in Sicily

Where do you wish to settle with your family? A place that has a tropical climate that is warm and sunny all through? Where residents are warm welcoming and friendly? Then Sicily is the place to settle in. There are varieties of artistic and historical towns to live in Sicily. It has plenty of beauty and fun activities to do with family and friends. Welcome to the land of beauty.

Where to live in Sicily

South and center of Sicily

This part of Sicily is slightly populated compared to other parts of Sicily. The area’s beaches have no mountains brooding and black volcano sand, but more tranquility. The cost of property is low, and settlement is unspoiled and quiet. In the area, you get to see Agrigento which is an old place but with fascinating Greek clutch temples. To the further center and Enna of the island, there are numerous interesting and proud small towns that are highly assumed by visitors while the properties are at low prices. Island center has a hilly landscape making it a nice place for those who love adventurous life.

South and center of Sicily

Palermo and west

Palermo is the capital city of Sicily and the largest city on the island. It has been rejuvenated and improved currently as it was the mafia stronghold. The place is full of architecture exotic elements that show the past of Sicily. There are charming resorts towns that mark the beautiful coastline of Trapani, Erice, Marsala, and Marinella. The area has cubic whitewashed houses giving the area an amazing Cyclades look.

Cefalu and north of Sicily

Live in a dramatic geographical northern coast of Sicily and enjoy the swiftly rising as you step from waters. The northern coast is corded with beautiful small towns, hilltop villages and beach resorts. Along the northern coast, one can bargain on the property price and have to enjoy the Aeolian island that makes the area volcanic retreat and exotic.

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