River Trekking in Sicily

River Trekking in Sicily – Wild Mangroves is one of the most adventurous Sicilian experiences, which is part of the Top Ten Adventures in Sicily. It was specifically, and exclusively designed for WildSicily.com by Andrea Giardina.

Sicily is a sea region, but this expedition -together with Alcantara Canyoning– is going to take place in freshwater (even though with the “10km extreme version” you will be reaching the sea as well).
This river trekking event occurs in quiet, remote places -quiet and remote enough to remind the human being his primal beginnings! These places are also the location of one of the most important prehistoric cultures in Sicily, and its testament -a necropolis– is visibile at distance.
Wild Mangroves is an exploratory, guided expedition through the thick river vegetation, looking for aquatic and amphibious fauna! It is divided into two parts: the first one is the traditional trekking on ground (1,5km with good declivity). The second part consists of the actual expedition – river trekking and snorkeling. In fact, it means you will be facing slow-course river sections, with varying depth (30cm to 1m). In some places you can stay afloat, taking advantage of the stream to be carried through the characteristic vegetation, in order to try one of the best snorkeling experiences in Sicily. For the bravest of travellers there is also the “extreme version“, which consists of 10 km alongside the riverbed, down to the sea – where saltwater and freshwater meet.
This is the kingdom of frogs and fishes like trouts, chubs, big eels, and many others. Notably, the eels are not afraid of the human being and they could furtively approach you, causing a sort of surprise effect! The white freshwater crab, instead, is a less-known species, which lives only in a few delimited areas of the Mediterranean Sea.

The equipment needed in order to take on River Trekking in Sicily – Wild Mangroves (as already described in the “Bowen expedition“) consists of: a half or full wetsuit, depending on the season; river shoes; snorkeling mask; knife and special waterproof backpacks provided by Rapala for the water part; traditional trekking outfit for the ground part.


According to one’s preferences, after the excursion it is also possible to relax and sunbathe in one of the many natural pools along the path. River Trekking in Sicily – Wild Mangroves can also be calibrated as a family trip.

This adventure is always included in the itinerary of the following packages: East Sicily Wild Trip – 4 days and 6 days versions.

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