Egadi Islands Wild Trip

Egadi Islands Wild trip 4 days (+3 days on Trapani, Palermo and Northern Sicily) – Raymondo’s trip

Egadi Islands wild trip

mean remote places, where is one one of our tours and it’s intended for the explorations of lesser-known and remote places where is hard to even plan an expedition! This have always been the main principle around which we built the concept of Wild Sicily adventures from the very start. After years and years of exploration and tests, this one trip has been WildSicily’s very first trial – it started everything.

Raymondo, an original “kiwi” from New Zealand, who changed his name in “Raymondo the Sicilian” during the travel, and his daughter Simone, wanted to have a fishing trip that blended an exciting adventure with a small island’s life, Sicily’s culture, food, old markets and history. Thus, I offered them a 4-day Wild Egadi islands trip with the addition of 3 days for an immersive trip in Northern Sicily, visiting Sicily’s North coast of Sicily, including places like Trapani, Erice, Scopello, Cefalù, Tindari and Palermo.

Thanks to the trip’s length and the guests’ brave disposition it was possible to visit beautiful places and to take part in almost all of the Wild Egadi Islands trip activities. Trekking on mountains overhanging the sea, exploring old mazes of Roman times quarries, snorkeling in faraway places part of the natural reserve and looking for octopuses and all kind of seafood in one of the world’s best coves.
Egadi Islands fishing trip part, after getting the license, consists of both shore fishing and a boat fishing session. Off the rocks we caught these species: barracudas, Amberjacks, Mackerels; from the boat, deep bottom fishing we caught: Conger eels, silverfishes, Blue mouth rockfish and few big doggy grouper lost. It was also possible to go for a session of Live bait trolling in Sicily.

Favignana Island is also home of the best symbol of Bluefin tuna fishing: The Tonnara of Favignana, nowadays an industrial archaeology museum about the greatest Tuna trap and processing establishment of Europe. In fact today, like in the past, this part of the Mediterranean Sea is the way of the ”King of the sea”, and then Egadi archipelago is the best place in the world for Bluefin Tuna sport fishing.

During this trip in Sicily, food and wine had a key role.

The specialties of the Egadi Islands are fresh seafood dishes – cooked with that we had caught and served together with local white wines.

The final part of the trip, was an adventurous journey through the northern coastline, visiting all the ”must to see” places in Sicily around said area and obviously we couldn’s help but taste all kind of street food and all sorts of dishes from the local tradition. Here few examples: Cous cous, ”la meusa”, ”pane e panelle” and Nebrodi black pig (quality production at risk of extinction protected by “slow food organization“) served with red wines, typical of the north-western part of Sicily.

Some places just leave you speechless, which holds true even for those who have already been there several times.

After our arrival at Marettimo island, while looking at the small village and the landscape around our lodge, Raymondo asked me ” Is it real!? ”. I didn’t manage to reply to that question!

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