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Beauty of Small Group Tour to Sicily

Feel free to take a small group tour to Sicily with Wild Sicily. You will have a fascinating experience as the organization will introduce one of the wonderful journeys around Sicily Island. Have a chance to find out the beauty of Sicily. There is more to learn from Sicily from treasures, idyllic climate and hearty cuisines. Have a memorable tour through strolling the following places.


Strolling along Ortigia market where you will interact with the locals, admire stunning Renaissance architecture and Baroque. Have a chance to see Temple of Athena which is the oldest building in the World and used as worship ground. It is astonishing also to see the superb paintings of Burial of Saint Lucy in the church of Badia di Santa Lucia. Through small group tour, you will have time to learn about the area as the tour guide ensure that each individual has her or his moment to relax, explore and unwind.

Norman's Architecture
Norman's Architecture


A tour to Sicily is not complete without visiting Palermo. Palermo is fantastic due to the astonishing Norman palace and Palestine Chapel as you get to see wonders of Norman. Everything in this city is enormous from its chaotic, noisy, colorful and exotic. The tour guide will ensure that you spend most of your group exploring the place rather than spending in hotels. A small group tour is more advantageous as tour guide ensure that you feel productive by making you have more experience.

Cefal├╣, Castelbuono and the Madonie Mountains

Visit Norman Cathedral and the awesome medieval town. Have a picnic lunch at Madonie Mountains. Later see the scenes of the film cinemas where some of Paradiso films were shot. Small group tours one has an opportunity to meet new people who have the same destination desires. Also, small group tours are well planned and organized. This makes it easier when as you all know where you have planned to visit.

pantelleria's cave
Small group tours are amazing since you will have a tour guide who has knowledge of the places you are visiting. In that case, the tour guide ensures you are informed of the fascinating things about that place that you will love to know.

With Wild Sicily, you are assured of one of the fantastic small group tours. They will guide you on the best places to visit. Check with them for your wonderful tour to Sicily.

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