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Sicily is an isle that provides adventure with a rich historical background. An overseas trip to Sicily blends an assortment of activities with the cultural highlights of its ancient past. Planning for a tour to one of Sicily’s numerous adventure attractions is the best way to engage your entire family for an escapade and all-around excitement. This region is perfect for using up quality time with your loved ones and has something in store for everyone to enjoy.

The Mediterranean Sea

Sicily’s location in the middle of Mediterranean Sea signifies that it has been a cultural melting pot for several thousands of years. From the ancient Romans, Phoenicians and Greeks to the Byzantines, Vandals and Normans every ancient power has stamped its piece of culture and history to the mix hence today Sicily has a vibrant and unique culture of its own.

mediterranean sea
mount etna

Mount Etna

Sicily’s main geological landmark is Mount Etna. With a height of approximately 3,350 metres, Etna is the highest volcanic mountain in Europe and also one of the most active in the globe. Bathed in legend and myth, Mount Etna has shaped Sicily’s landscape; the view from its peak is a must-see whenever you tour the island. Grouped amongst the most dramatic natural sites on the island, the gorge offers a great location for camping, hiking and if you are more adventurous river trekking awaits you.

Food in Sicily

Most Sicilians will inform you that food is an essential part of all family reunions. In the Sicilian cookery, you will discover how various cultures have influenced Sicily over the years. With sumptuous meals from North Africa, olives, pistachios and fish from Greece, and spices and rice from the Arab world, all combined make a lip-smacking meal.

food in sicily
Norman's Architecture

Educational tour

If you necessitate putting in an educational element to your vacation, a trip to the old seaside town of Taormina would be great. Hanging on sea cliffs that overlook the Mediterranean, Taormina was an important city during the Greek and Roman reign. Hence, it is clustered with typical architecture, the most well-known being the ancient Greek amphitheatre, constructed in a striking position overlooking the sea.

Relaxing with a bottle of Wine

After several days of mountain biking, volcano climbing, sightseeing and swimming you and your loved ones will almost certainly welcome some unwinding time. Hence, it would be the ideal moment to go and have a bottle of Sicilian wine as you enjoy great family time in the Sicilian style.

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