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Pantelleria Fishing trip

The perfect island for shore fishing game: accessible shores, with extremely deep waters on the coast line. Jigging from shore, here is the most adrenaline practice, because of its coasts structure and predators who lives in, like Amberjacks, Common Dentex, Barracuda, groupers, Saddled Sea bream, Skipjack tuna, bonito, etc.

Pantelleria Island Tour

Complete tour of Pantelleria island, discovering its wild nature, local great wine, culture, archeology, food, always enjoying volcanic and thermal phenomena that characterize this unknown island of Sicily. Living in a renewed traditional building, the ”Dammuso”, driving off road vehicles and trekking to explore all the hided thermal spots.

Egadi Fishing Trip

This Sicilian islands, are the top spots for tuna fishing in Mediterranean Sea. April/May is the best moment to catch big Blue Fin Tunas because of its ”way” that pass just from our west coast. If right equipped is possible to catch the ”Red Giant” land based, with spinning and popping techniques.

Egadi Islands Tour

Complete tour of Favignana and one day in Levanzo or Marettimo, discovering the best spots, between bike, motorbikes, snorkeling and trekking.

Sicilian Food Tour

If food is your passion, you can’t lost this unforgettable experience between dream beaches, history and the magnificent volcano Etna. Eat like Sicilian peoples do, tasting and cooking lots of local dishes, street food, seafood pasta, wines, sweets, fruits, honey, agricultural product and much more..

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