Excursion Etna: the tallest active volcano in Europe

Have a Fascinating Etna Excursion

Intending to have a tour that you will have remarkable fun? Visit Etna, Sicily and have an experience of your life. For excursion Etna, let Wild Sicily help to organize your tour to save you the hassle, stress, and questions with no answers. Etna is a place full of fun activities to do, making it a nice place for excursion.

Mountain biking

Go biking on trails of Mount Etna, and you get to see the famous Sicily’s active volcano. Not only will have fun biking but you will also see the landscape of active volcano in Europe. Tour guide assigned to you will take you around ensuring that you reach to the forest and lava fields still feeding you with important information on the history and geology of Mount Etna.

Did you know that during winter at Mount Etna there is snow? During this time Wild Sicily will provide you with walking sticks and rackets to help you stroll around Etna National Park’s paths.

biking on etna
trekking on etna


Do you like trekking? Come for Etna excursion, and you will have an amazing trek here. You will enjoy listening to the rustle of the wind, feeling the fresh air and to the songs of different species of bird. You also get to see great depression Valle del Bove which was as a result of the sinking of Trifoglietto. Trifoglietto is an ancient volcanic structure. Taking your walk towards the southern part of Etna you get to view the edge of the valley, with central craters and the Ionian Sea.

Let yourself have a fantastic trek and experience nature peace, allowing the cool air caress your face giving a sense of beauty, relaxation and peace of mind.

Wine tasting

Have an awesome day that you get to spend between nature and taste. Take a tour through the slopes of Etna where you will see the wine making processes and get the chance to taste the wines. Later get to see luxuriant breathtaking panoramas, woods, lunar landscape and volcanic caves.

Allow Wild Sicily help you to plan for your Etna excursion. They ensure that you are satisfied the services they will provide.

wine testing etna

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